Shana and Co. is fueled by a passion to be an inspiration to others, eqiup them with the necessary tools, and continue to motivate onward to take hold and live the very best life God has designed and purposed for them…. for YOU.  With that in mind, it currently involved a plethora of ideas and interests, with a hunch that a few of you may share some of these interests. The commitment to Bloom in Life is a seed that was planted in the soil of my heart and soul many years ago.  As the old adage goes, we should 'bloom where we're planted'.... that way, no matter what, we know we did our best and we can happily say, 'life is good.'  There are many things I love in life, some more than others. Those 'others,' such as a huge love of Labradors and horses, hobby farming, and writing, have turned into interests to dabble with a bit more.  Here at Shana & Co., I'll share some of what I've learned over the years with you, so that hopefully there will be a little snippit of wisdom shared that may be helpful to you.  

In addition to loving my God, our family and friends, the country life, caring for our dogs, horses, cattle and such, I also enjoy life online.  Social media is an amazing opportunity for millions to connect and share their interests with one another. The internet highway truly is a phenomenon. This too is something I've dabbled in for years, but not super seriously. So now, we're going to get a bit more serious and I will happily share with you my journey and the things I have learned along the way to be most helpful in building an online business and learning to make money online.  

In considering who this information may help greatly, I can't help but think of stay-at-home moms needing flexible schedules who juggle the demands for the time and attention yet could sure use some extra income or sense of self, or the empty nester mom who all of the sudden wonders 'what will I do now?,' as well as all the wonderful, committed people who faithfully hook up their trailers, load the crates, gather the horse tack and dog show supplies and hit the road.  Whether you are a parent, an empty nester, a dog or horse trainer or owner, it is my hunch an extra stream of income to support the habit and cost of living would be a great blessing.  Fuel, hotels, food, feed, shows fees…. putting food on the table, little league, dance lessons, swim lessons, camps, and more…. traveling the world, heading out for a spa-day, getting a new outfit….  it all adds up quickly. Every once in a while, you may even find the account a bit squeezed.  And if you're like me and other dog & horse enthusiasts…. just like for your kids, you want the very best for them always.  And the above mentioned 'who's this for list'….. I can relate because I've lived them all, stil am actually.  And that's not all!….

Add to that, a struggling economy, the national debt, unemployment rate, periodic threats and rumors of war, so many things changing in America, including an unstable healthcare system, it's a good idea to have a stable foundation and have a plan.  There are many reasons to do business while business is good…. and be prepared for you and your family in the event of emergency.  In light of these interests and other things to keep in mind, I hope and pray that what is shared here will help you move toward creating an extra income that not only would be a blessing for the security of your family or funding the dog shows and horse show habit, but that it would come with such increase that you would have a sizeable amount to sow into others and do a ton of good in the world. 

Wouldn't it be great if you could build a business that would free up your time, could travel with you, supported your lifestyle, and made this world a better place?!  Yea! I think so too! 🙂  That's the goal…. So, without further ado, it's time to go to work and build a fantastic place of resources for you to help you live your dream and your very best life! 

Many blessings,



p.s.  This completely applies to stay at home moms and empty nesters too!!!  I know… because I am one!… actually, I fill all of the above descriptions.  ha. Find a need and fix it, that's what the coaches say…. So, here we go, I'm just paying it forward.





"In Christ, you can be the best of what you want to 'BEE'"  by Mama T (aka Thelma Wells)